Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams

Concept: To engage every member of Country Estates in a ministry, in which they believe they are lead of the Holy Spirit to participate this coming year.


Premise: Every member in the New Testament church is a believer priest. That means every member has a ministry to fulfill because every member is a minister. Ministries are acts of service to our Lord, our church and others. They are practical ways of meeting needs.

Ministry Teams: Formation

We ask our people to pray, asking God where He would have them minister in the 2015 year. We will give a list of ministry ideas that we hope you will support in your service. We will also receive others ministry ideas as our members may feel God’s leading in other ministries that are not named here.

Team Ministry Implementation

January will be the month for our ministry teams to complete their enlistment and begin their sevice.

Ministry Fair

In January, we will have a Ministry Fair. This is an opportunity for our ministry teams that want to participate, to prepare a booth or presentation for your ministry area.  this is a great opportunity to inform and invite others to participate. We will give each member an opportunity to express the Lord’s leading in these ministry areas again for the up coming year.

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